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Unleash the power of JADE with our Professional features

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Subsection level citations for legislation at the click of a button.

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Reveal hidden connections between cases and compare versions of legislation.

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Citation Checking

Upload any legal document into MY JADE to check citations.

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Advanced JADE Alerts

Customisable alerts based on search parameters and frequency you choose. Create your alerts by file number, judge, cases cited, legislation and more.

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Tag and annotate a case or legislation. You can search and evaluate your Jademarks using Advanced Search.

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Keep every search, document and comment in one streamlined hub.

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Case Trace

Our citator gives you a snapshot analysis of citations made, pinpoint references and the most recent citation to the case or Act.

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Speak to an Editor

Speak to a friendly JADE Editor who can help you find what you need.

As a legal practitioner, quick and easy access to reliable and up to date resources is critical. In the past, I have used platforms that were limited in scope and only catered for some of those key aspects that a legal practitioner really needs.

After joining JADE, I have not only had great customer service, but have been provided with a platform that is price competitive, easy to use, reliable, up to date and allows me to do so much more!

They also take customer feedback seriously and are always open to hear customer suggestions of how they may improve their system. I look forward to working with Jade for the foreseeable future.

Nikola Reljic
Law Graduate, Dennis Family Corporation

I co-author a legal reference website that relies heavily on Jade for the purposes of case and legislation collation and reporting. We reached out to Jade to see whether it could provide certain search functionality and, within an exceedingly short period of time, Jade implemented various changes in response to our feedback. These changes have dramatically improved our capacity to use Jade in our work and we are tremendously grateful for the responsiveness we received.

Maya Narayan
Co-author, COVID-19 and the Law of Australia